Bringing together the right marketing team

Appointing marketing support requires trust. Bringing together the right marketing team is something definitely not lost on Decoco. Time must be taken by all parities to understand the ethos of each business. Only by building strong relationships can you truly understand a client’s brand and their marketing objectives.

The right marketing team makes the difference

Decoco’s diverse portfolio of work covers digital projects, events, communications and content. Many projects are delivered using a fusion & network of talent. Marketing teams are brought together by Decoco on behalf of its clients. They are partly chosen due to their experience & expertise, but their suitability must be wider than this. Selecting the right team is more human & personality based, rather than solely experience based.

People buy people. Decoco is working with clients on many marketing projects & objectives and is ensuring the best solutions are delivered and the right results achieved. Bringing together the right marketing team when required makes all the difference.

An expanding network into public relations

Decoco’s network of trusted marketing agencies and freelancers has expanded recently into public relations by working with Craig Peters of Sherlock PR on various commissions.

Sherlock is an authentic and personable Worthing-based consultant, committed to being the most efficient provider of PR services. Formerly of the BBC Press Office and a Brighton-based PR agency, Craig Peters became a winner of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Outstanding Young Communicator Award in 2009.

Sherlock PR services include perception audits, internal communications, messaging, copywriting, media & messaging training and providing full press office support.

Looking for the right marketing team?

Strategic thinking, project management and delivery are at the heart of Decoco’s personable approach, ensuring the needs and expectations of clients are met. If you are looking for the right marketing team, please get in touch with Guy Woodward.