An integrated digital marketing strategy

B2B companies should have an integrated digital marketing strategy as part of their marketing plan. Digital marketing can help your B2B company, even if you feel your products or services are too niche or your target audience do not use social media. Your digital strategy should embrace various factors, including these good tips, to move towards a more enhanced integrated digital marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing

It depends on your industry of course, but the majority of B2B buyers will use search engines as part of their buying process. This means you can influence potential customers the moment they start looking for your products or services. There is huge potential having customers find you first and, compared with traditional advertising methods, you do not have to spend thousands of pounds to achieve it.

As explained in our article on content marketing, you have to become a trusted source of information in your industry. Effective content marketing should produce the right content for your existing customers and your target audience and be engaging. Engaging content is more likely to be consumed, enjoyed, shared and increase lead generation.

Digital marketing strategy. Tell a story

Traditional methods of getting referrals can still be a main source of gaining new clients in some B2B sectors, such as professional services. Digital marketing should, however, be an important aspect of your overall marketing. By telling a story, you can develop a strong marketing presence through thought leadership in your sector. Your marketing content, perhaps through a blog, can be powerful tool for exposing your company to new clients, attracting new recruits and retaining existing clients.

Content can embrace various forms. Blogs can include written content, infographics and video and can be used to shared your thoughts and perspective on your industry, future trends or opportunities.  Content should engage and enhance social media channels, such as LinkedIn. Your thought leadership content will go beyond enhancing your marketing – it will help in your business development and recruitment.

Creative content

As highlighted earlier, content does not just have to be written. Content can be visual, with imagery that is stimulating and impactful. Content can go beyond just talking about a product or service; it can show how its used or provide a case study demonstrating how it has benefited a customer.

Get more social

B2B brands are certainly not as advanced in using social media as consumer brands, but they are starting to catch up. Large B2B companies are beginning to engrain social media into their marketing through a multichannel perspective.  These brands are reaching their customers via Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as their own digital platforms.

Pulling all your digital marketing strategy together

Knowing your customers is critical, so that you approach them in the right way with the right message. Now is a good time to pull together your customer knowledge and provide them great content through your digital marketing strategy and all your digital channels.