Decoco. What's behind the name?

Decoco Limited was officially launched back in May 2013. Why Decoco, what is behind the name? Marketing by its definition is not just one activity. Before the name was even thought of, I knew my freelance marketing support business should not concentrate on just one aspect of marketing, but also not offer a ‘jack of all trades’ service.

The core proposition from Decoco is that marketing is a fusion of activities, and that Decoco can help you deliver some of these, namely digital projects, events, communications and content driven activities. So fusion was a key driving force in the creation of the name. Fusion Marketing it is then – well no, it had been done and actually it did not hit the mark for me. The concept of fusion, however, became the foundation for arriving at the final name. Working with Gez Glover of Design Booth and his colleagues, around 70 initial names were generated. Decoco was in the first batch of these names, and stood out. A couple of others made a shortlist, including Blendid. But given that one of the latin meanings of Decoco is fuse, this reinforced our central foundation of fusion.

Digital, events, communications and content

Whilst Decoco is not an acronym, the areas of marketing support provided make up the name – digital (d), events (e), communications (co) and content (co) and again reinforce the earlier decision that Decoco was the right name.

Part of Decoco’s proposition is also that when required, a team of people will be brought together to deliver a project of behalf of a client. This fusion of talent would be led by Decoco, working directly for the client, but again fusion is a central & key theme.

Securing the .co domain for also fused and complimented well with the overall final look & feel of the brand.

Decoco – freelance marketing

So here we are, Decoco is up and running and working with clients on a variety of marketing projects, and even in these early days delivering a full range of services covering digital projects, events, communications and content driven activities.

Please get in touch to discuss how Decoco can assist you with your marketing. We’d love to hear from you –