Freelance marketing support for professional services

With 15 years’ experience in marketing of professional services, utilising Guy Woodward’s experience and approach is a highly effective and agile way to deliver your business to business marketing through freelance support.

Using freelance marketing

Today’s competitive market means that organisations should highly value marketing and the benefits and rewards it delivers. Not every organisation can have marketing expertise in-house, or a level of resource to deal with peaks in demand or every skill required. This is where freelance marketing support can play a vital role.

Effective marketing should be bound up with overall business planning, and linked to overall corporate strategy. Freelance marketing support can help formulate and deliver your marketing strategy. Every marketing strategy, regardless of its size or complexity, should be co-ordinated and considered. This approach will make the most effective use of budgets and resources.

Professional services’ promotional marketing

Professional services’ promotional marketing should be a fusion of individual parts and multifaceted to ensure their breadth of experience and expertise is communicated and demonstrated to the widest target audience. This means promotional activities that cover both online and off line channels, traditional marketing techniques and effective digital marketing. These marketing activities can be delivered cost effectively through freelance support, either in its own right, or complementing in-house resources.

Decoco’s approach is the modern & agile way to deliver your digital projects, events, communications and content driven activities.

Digital marketing

The digital landscape is vast. Well produced and managed digital platforms are essential in today’s marketing arena. Decoco can help you manage your website, improve search engine optimisation, deliver your email campaigns, assist you with your blogs, online PR and social media. Working with Decoco will ensure you build a better, more effective, online presence.

Event management

Effectively planned, produced and delivered events are essential to successfully engage and influence your clients and customers. A good event lives long in the memory. Guy’s experience extends to delivering exhibition presence, seminars & conferences, staff incentive days, corporate hospitality and networking events, including at major London venues such as Madame Tussauds, Imperial War Musuem, Fortum & Mason and Leadenhall Market.

Marketing communications

Well crafted communication should engage and inspire. Communication in all its forms is fundamental to the success of your marketing, and ultimately, your business. Decoco can help you define your key messages and ensure these are reinforced throughout your marketing to build your brand. This should not, however, be limited to external communications. Effective internal communication means people are aware of your organisation’s services, values and attributes, ensuring they are knowledgeable, share their expertise and tell a consistent message.

Content management

Without good content, your digital platforms lack credibility. Good content improves search results, drives traffic, increases brand awareness and converts more business. Decoco can help you produce content that is engaging, targeted, delivers your message and build your brands so customers choose your product or service over another offering. Effective content marketing can also help you attract new recruits.

Decoco can assist you with your marketing

Like Decoco, marketing is a fusion of parts (Digital, Events, Communication and Content). Guy has a long and successful track record in delivering digital projects, events, communications and content driven activities. Strategic thinking, project management and delivery are at the heart of Guy’s personable approach, ensuring the needs and expectations of clients are met.

Please get in touch to discuss how Decoco can assist you with your marketing. We’d love to hear from you, 07715 494 498 or