Decoco’s multifaceted service approach

Organisations nowadays are multifaceted, working with a range of clients and sectors, offering a diverse service. It stands to reason therefore that your marketing should be multifaceted, appealing & targeted at different audiences. Clients that commission Decoco, benefit from Guy’s wide range of marketing experience and expertise.

Due to the broad nature of modern marketing & promotion, whilst every element of the commission may not be undertaken by Guy personally, clients benefit from his proven project management ability; ensuring commissions are delivered on time, within budget and achieve the right results.

Decoco’s range of marketing support services

Marketing is broad these days, with elements of both traditional and digital marketing often being used in the same campaign. It is due to marketing’s multifaceted remit that Decoco’s range of services is broad, covering digital projects, events, communication and content.

There is too much to cover in one blog post, but the following provides a flavour of the type of services Decoco provide under each category:

Digital – The digital landscape is vast. Well produced and managed digital platforms are essential in today’s marketing arena. Decoco can help you consider the most relevant digital channels for your target audiences, can brief developers on your web & digital projects, project manage your platforms’ development and assist you in enhancing, promoting and developing them.

Events – Effectively planned, produced and delivered events are essential to successfully engage and influence your clients and customers. Decoco can help you produce your events, initially by considering the format and its aims, formulating ideas, sourcing venues & suppliers, promoting the event and managing the pre, live and post logistics.

Communications – Well crafted communication should engage and inspire. Communication in all its forms is fundamental to the success of your marketing, and ultimately, your business. Decoco can formulate your internal & external communication plans, highlighting key campaign milestones. Once the plan has been agreed, Decoco can write your marketing communication material, organise the design & production of offline material, coordinate the development & delivery of your email marketing campaigns, write news articles for your website & intranet, develop new case studies and work with your public relation staff or consultant on raising your media profile.

Content – Without good content, your digital platforms lack credibility. Good content improves search results, drives traffic, increases brand awareness and converts more business. Decoco can help you write content for your digital platforms and can project manage the production of other content, such as photography and video. Decoco also has relationships with various Search Engine Optimisation agencies, to ensure your content is optimised and traffic is driven to your digital platforms.

The core proposition from Decoco is that marketing is a fusion of activities, and that Decoco can help you deliver some of these, namely digital projects, events, communications and content driven activities. Part of Decoco’s proposition is also that when required, a team of people will be brought together to deliver a project of behalf of a client. This fusion of talent would be led by Decoco, working directly for the client.

About Decoco – Freelance marketing support

Decoco is situated in Worthing, West Sussex . Guy is a marketer with over 15 years experience in business-to-business marketing, including within professional services.

Decoco will work with you to achieve your marketing objectives, ensuring the best solutions are delivered and the right results achieved. Decoco’s approach is the modern & agile way to deliver your digital projects, events, communications and content driven activities.
Please get in touch – We look forward to hearing from you.