The Third Space

The rise of third space was a fundamental aspect of taking the leap to establish my freelance business. The opportunity to work away from the family home and interact with other people and small businesses was a significant aspect of my business planning process.

Cost, of course was a factor; Freedom Works, Worthing for example, is significantly cheaper than a Regus or other service provider, but it is more than that, it’s the ethos of coworking that makes the third space work for me.  There is cooperation, collaboration, shared-purposes and increased productivity everyday; aspects I feel people even within the same large corporations can sometimes lose if they are not careful.

My physical working environment now may be rougher around the edges than before, but that does not matter. I come to the office on the days I need to, with the flexibility of not having to organise these in advance. I log into the WiFi, make a coffee and I am set up for the day.

The fundamentals of a coworking space

Other aspects of a working environment are important, but fundamentally my coworking space provides what I need to run my freelance business. Ultimately it is the people in the space that make it work, I have been to other shared office spaces and the environment has been stale and unwelcoming, with little interaction between fellow coworkers and companies. The best environment, the best information technology could not compensation for the atmosphere created by people willing to work together – not in a shared business profiting making purpose, but looking to work together for their overall well-being.