Rund Partnership: New website

Decoco project managed the development and launch of a new website for Rund Partnership Limited, a surveying and construction consultancy. This new website formed part of Decoco’s regular with the company on their marketing, business development and communication activities.


Vibrant and informative

Full web development service

Commissioned from the outset, Decoco wrote the web brief and sourced the most appropriate visual designer and web developer to form the project team.  The next stage included honing the site’s functionality & navigational structure and creating concept visuals so Rund Partnership could make a more informed decision about their new site. Decoco led and project managed each stage of this web development project, which included wireframing, design, WordPress development, content creation & population, testing and launching the site.


Responsive site for Rund Partnership

Rund Partnership now have a fresh, contemporary website with improved usability and simplified layout and navigation. This highly versatile site provides Rund Partnership with the ability to add content regularly, including uploading biographies, case studies, blog updates & insight easily.

Their new website includes filtering for users to find relevant projects and combined with a vibrant and detailed design, means Rund Partnership can now communicate with confidence details of their services and projects.

This interactive website is fully responsive, working effectively and seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Rund Partnership now have great potential to expand their digital presence and increase their online reach. Visit their new website here.

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Decoco develops websites through their supply-partners, including bespoke and template driven sites, using WordPress and other open source content management platforms.

The digital landscape is vast. Well produced and managed digital platforms are essential in today’s marketing arena. Please get in touch to find out how Decoco can help you with your next digital project.