New website for London health club

Decoco has recently project managed the development and launch of a completely new website for the company BodyWorksWest, a health club situated in London, Notting Hill. This new website creates advantages for BodyWorksWest that were never open to them when they had their old website, for example, you can now visit their website on a mobile or tablet, broadening opportunities for potential clients to view the services they provide and acquiring them more publicity. Their new website also allows clients, whether new or not, the opportunity to book facilities and appointments for therapy online, again, potentially increasing their customers as people will find it easier and less time consuming then if you had to ring up etc. Not to mention, when you open their new website, the chance to sign up to their website is given to you immediately with a chance to receive their 'latest offers' etc.

Once BodyWorksWest selected Decoco to manage the new up and coming project. Decoco's Guy Woodward appointed Hove based creative agency O&G. The first stage in creating BodyWorksWest's new website was coming up with the brief for the site, the starting points for the end project. Once Decoco had briefed O&G, their graphic designers created the initial flat designs. These designs enabled BodyWorksWest to visualise their site to ensure they had no queries. Next came the building stage of the website, done by web developers. Once the new website had been built and approved by both Decoco and BodyWorksWest, the finished website was launched.

Decoco has been working with BodyWorksWest now for 18 months, prior to the launch of their new website and continue to work with them on other projects such as, advertising, direct marketing, email marketing and printed stationary and promotional material to help improve their branding and marketing presence.

Decoco develops websites with the help of their various partners, including O&G, such as WordPress, which was used for BodyWorksWest. Well produced and managed digital platforms are essential in today’s marketing arena. Please get in touch to find out how Decoco can help you with your website development.