Advertising campaign for BodyWorksWest

Decoco has recently delivered a series of new advertisements to form part of  promotional campaign for 2014. The campaign includes both lifestyle press & online advertisements to be featured in Absolutely Notting HillThe Hill & The Grove magazines and on West London Living throughout the year.

BodyWorksWest – The Notting Hill Health Club

BodyWorksWest is a boutique members’ health club in the heart of Notting Hill and offers a perfect environment to relax and workout. The campaign is being delivered to raise BodyWorksWest’s brand awareness in a competitive market and is targeted at increasing their overall membership. The statement ‘The Notting Hill Health Club’ was created to define the club, its location and membership offering. This is combined with a strong visual impact and bold photography on a series of four advertisements, each focused on a different aspect of the health club.

The advertisement featured below as you can see is focused on their swimming pool, and has been used to promote the significant investment BodyWorksWest recently made to enhance their pool, sauna and steam room facilities.