Astor Hostels Celebrating 40 years

Decoco has recently undertaken a commission with Astor Hostels, to help them to promote their 40th year celebrations. Astor Hostels are an independent family run youth hostel group, founded in 1974. Presently they can cater for over 500 travellers a day across their four hostels located around central London – Astor Hyde Park, Astor Queensway, Astor Victoria and Astor Museum, located just around the corner from Russell Square. The hostels’ safe, fun and clean accommodation combined with their excellent staff, great locations and their unique and vibrant atmospheres have led Astor Hostels to become some of the best hostels in the world.

Celebrating 40 years – Loving London

Decoco have worked with Astor Hostels to create an identity for their 40th year celebrations,  which includes a 1920s themed party later this month in West London. This identity has been used for Facebook promotions, blog posts and email marketing campaigns. Creating a distinctive identity for these celebrations has been achieved through the use of the colour palette associated with each hostel, incorporating their ‘heart’ symbol and directly linking this identity to their core current branding.

Part of the new identity includes a promotional banner featuring all of Astor Hostels past logos right back to the 1970s. We have also created new promotional banners for use on the night of their celebrations later this month.

This commission follows other work with Astor Hostels, recently most notably translating their website’s homepage in to the most popular languages of their customers, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Italian. Decoco will shortly be helping Astor Hostels to make further improvements to their online presence and digital marketing. We have also produced a short brochure to promote their hostels at the WYSTC 2014 Conference in Dublin last month.