Rund Partnership: New website

Decoco project managed the development and launch of a new website for Rund Partnership Limited, a surveying and construction consultancy. This new website formed part of Decoco’s regular with the company on their marketing, business development and communication activities.


Vibrant and informative

Full web development service

Commissioned from the outset, Decoco wrote the web brief and sourced the most appropriate visual designer and web developer to form the project team.  The next stage included honing the site’s functionality & navigational structure and creating concept visuals so Rund Partnership could make a more informed decision about their new site. Decoco led and project managed each stage of this web development project, which included wireframing, design, WordPress development, content creation & population, testing and launching the site.


Responsive site for Rund Partnership

Rund Partnership now have a fresh, contemporary website with improved usability and simplified layout and navigation. This highly versatile site provides Rund Partnership with the ability to add content regularly, including uploading biographies, case studies, blog updates & insight easily.

Their new website includes filtering for users to find relevant projects and combined with a vibrant and detailed design, means Rund Partnership can now communicate with confidence details of their services and projects.

This interactive website is fully responsive, working effectively and seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Rund Partnership now have great potential to expand their digital presence and increase their online reach. Visit their new website here.

Well produced digital platforms


Tell your story and what you’re about

Decoco develops websites through their supply-partners, including bespoke and template driven sites, using WordPress and other open source content management platforms.

The digital landscape is vast. Well produced and managed digital platforms are essential in today’s marketing arena. Please get in touch to find out how Decoco can help you with your next digital project.


How it Works Video - Builders' Conference

Decoco has recently co-produced a new video animation for Builders' Conference explaining to potential new members the benefits of joining the UK's Construction Industry's Premier Data Provider.

Using the streams of Data, Projects and Networking, this 'How it Works' video breaks down what potentially could be a complicated and dry subject into a visual, easily accessible and shareable way.

With a range of benefits available to different members, such as main contractors, sub-contractors and consultants, viewers get a comprehensive understanding of Builders' Conference. The video explains how membership benefits members including forecasting market trends, finding new tender opportunities and networking events.

Website and marketing literature for investment bonds

Sounding like a mark from Len Goodman on Strictly Come Dancing, Decoco has recently completed 7 projects. 

Delivered simultaneously, the 7 projects included a new Website, Factsheet and Information Memorandum for 7 investment bonds.  

A consistent visual identity has been created and deployed across all of the bonds. Each website follows a standardised layout and structure content. With the Factsheets providing salient details, the comprehensive Information Memorandums provide all of the detailed information and terms & conditions you would expect associated with a financial product.

Working on 7 projects simultaneously, with a total of 21 combined aspects, certainly posed some challenges, but we reckon Len would give us 10 out of 10!

Please get in touch to discuss how Decoco can assist you with your corporate identity and other aspects of marketing and communications. We’d love to hear from you.

Builders' Conference - Brand Development

Builders’ Conference is the construction sector’s leading Trade Association, but their previous visual identity and website lacked punch.

Through our freelance design coordination and web management service, Decoco worked with Builders’ Conference and their preferred web developer and design agency to develop a new fresh visual identity and website.

Their bold new visual identity modernises their brand, moving away from the use of a traditional crest. A fresh direction was required to provide a distinct brand identity. In a marketplace dominated by the likes of Glenigan and Barbour ABI, Builders’ Conference now have a renewed, strong visual identity to develop their brand and marketing.

Their new website offers members and prospective members a clean, approachable and logical layout providing data, projects and networking information. With new features, such as live chat, market insight, blog and jobs board, Builders’ Conference can now expand their digital presence and offer their members even greater benefits. Visit their new site

New website for London health club

Decoco has recently project managed the development and launch of a completely new website for the company BodyWorksWest, a health club situated in London, Notting Hill. This new website creates advantages for BodyWorksWest that were never open to them when they had their old website, for example, you can now visit their website on a mobile or tablet, broadening opportunities for potential clients to view the services they provide and acquiring them more publicity. Their new website also allows clients, whether new or not, the opportunity to book facilities and appointments for therapy online, again, potentially increasing their customers as people will find it easier and less time consuming then if you had to ring up etc. Not to mention, when you open their new website, the chance to sign up to their website is given to you immediately with a chance to receive their 'latest offers' etc.

Once BodyWorksWest selected Decoco to manage the new up and coming project. Decoco's Guy Woodward appointed Hove based creative agency O&G. The first stage in creating BodyWorksWest's new website was coming up with the brief for the site, the starting points for the end project. Once Decoco had briefed O&G, their graphic designers created the initial flat designs. These designs enabled BodyWorksWest to visualise their site to ensure they had no queries. Next came the building stage of the website, done by web developers. Once the new website had been built and approved by both Decoco and BodyWorksWest, the finished website was launched.

Decoco has been working with BodyWorksWest now for 18 months, prior to the launch of their new website and continue to work with them on other projects such as, advertising, direct marketing, email marketing and printed stationary and promotional material to help improve their branding and marketing presence.

Decoco develops websites with the help of their various partners, including O&G, such as WordPress, which was used for BodyWorksWest. Well produced and managed digital platforms are essential in today’s marketing arena. Please get in touch to find out how Decoco can help you with your website development.

Branding and web development for Cirpro Limited

Decoco have recently been commissioned by Terry Bartholomew to assist in the branding and website development for Cirpro Limited, a newly established building surveying, project management and development professional consultancy.

Fresh corporate identity created for Cirpro

Commissioned from the beginning of the branding process, but working with a clear initial idea from the client, Decoco worked with Design Booth to create a new corporate identity for this company based in Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent. Working in the commercial, industrial and residential construction & property sectors, the clean and bright branding provides Cirpro a fresh identity.

Responsive website developed for Cirpro

Decoco and Design Booth have also developed a website for this new property consultancy, developing a fully responsive site to ensure this works effectively across desktop, tablet and mobile environments. The site’s content management system allows Cirpro to post their own regular building surveying, development & project management news as well as general property & construction industry updates. The design of the site is clean, simple and uses the bold blue and yellow colour palette of Cirpro’s new corporate identity. This site is now launched at 

Business cards have also been designed and produced. All elements of this commission were delivered on time and within budget.

Using a fusion of creative talent

This project highlights Decoco’s approach to using a fusion of talent within the creative industry to ensure our client’s marketing and communication objectives are met. Design Booth, the digital agency commissioned to establish Decoco’s own corporate identity and website, were best placed to work on this new commission. Decoco acted directly on behalf of Cirpro, wrote the design brief and project managed the creation of the corporate identity and development of the responsive website. Decoco have also assisted Cirpro in the written content for their website and provided branding advice regarding the development of other material, such as report templates.

Working with Decoco

Some projects, like this one, require a fusion of talent. Where necessary, we use trusted agencies or other freelancers to create the right team for of clients’ requirements. Alternatively, some clients have in-house resources that need supplementing or require the management of existing suppliers or agencies.

Working with Decoco will ensure your marketing activities and communication channels are maximised. Decoco will work with you to achieve your marketing objectives, ensuring the best solutions are delivered and the right results achieved. This may be working with you on an individual commission or on a retained basis.

Please get in touch to discuss how Decoco can assist you with your marketing. We’d love to hear from you –

New brand easySolutions

Decoco is commissioned to rebrand a locally based property maintenance company and assist in launching a new service division. Worthing based Just The Handy Man Limited’s business has diversified and expanded in recent years. Their name, brand identity and online & digital marketing needed to evolve inline with this growth.

The new name, EasySolutions, will be used to promote their general property maintenance and refurbishment services. EasyVac will be used to market their innovative property guttering cleaning service, using a ground level powered vacuum. Working with registered housing providers, commercial landlords, local authorities and private residential clients, EasyVac provides an efficient, cost effective and safe cleaning and maintenance solution.

Striking and versatile new brand identity

Decoco has worked with one of its design agency partners to create this new brand identity. The final brand uses a grey and lime green colour palette to create a striking and versatile logo. The bespoke typography and colour palette will be highly effective & recognisable across multiple uses, such as web, digital marketing, business stationery, vehicle wraps and protective clothing.

Next phase. New website

The next phase of the commission sees the launch of a new WordPress powered website. Visual concepts for the new site are currently being developed. This new site will greatly enhance the digital presence previously achieved by Just The Handy Man.